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The Process Was Easy

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your efforts in building our beautiful house in Margate. I simply love everything about the house. We appreciated your willingness to accommodate our changes and choices, to make this the house of our dreams.

Living in Margate full-time afforded us the opportunity to watch the progress as our house was built. We knew we made the right choice just by the way the project was run. At every stage the house was kept free of debris and a pride in workmanship was evident. Every project has its "moments", but we were able to work together, communicate and in the end, have a house we can take pride in what was built.

A special thanks to Steve, your foreman, who was patient and ensured we were comfortable during the construction process. You have been responsiveand have followed up on any minor post-construction issues. It is evident you take pride in the product you deliver and strive to satisfy a demanding (at times) client.

Expertise and Experience

My husband and I unfortunately had to demolish our home of 20 years in Margate, due to the irreparable damage of Hurricane Sandy. We decided to rebuild our home and shortly after that decision, we met Andrew Klose. In a short time, we developed a relationship with Andrew that provided us with trust, confidence, a vision of our future home and an ease working with him that was hard to beat.

We had first built our home almost 40 years ago and were quite rusty at the new decisions which needed to be made. Andrew's expertise and experience guided us in the building of a beautiful home that wows neighbors and family. Andrew excels at knowing what is best for his client, as experience has guided him to build beautiful homes.

We thank you for making the ride enjoyable, challenging, and wish you the best of many years of building and enlarging the circle of clients who have become friends.

Building is His Passion

When we decided to take our house down and rebuild, I started asking people for recommendations on builders. A very close friend told me that a friend of his had just built a house and was very satisfied. As such, I added Luxuria to my short list of builders to vet out. My decision on builders needed to be based on workmanship, quality of materials, and of course, the value proposition.

I am a pretty detailed guy and wanted a professional opinion on the quality of construction well beyond the aesthetics. As such, I asked Andrew if I could see a house that was ready for drywall, as this would allow me to assess the quality of underlying construction. Andrew was happy to bring me into a house in Longport the very next day. I brought a structural engineer with me for his opinion and identification of any concerns. The walk-through was very thorough, taking an hour and a half, going from the crawl space to the third floor and everywhere in between.

The engineer told me that the construction (framing, cut-ins, etc.) was the best that he had seen on the island and he included the high-end builders among the comparative builders.

Okay... so that should have been enough but not for me I also wanted to know what the building inspectors thought of the builders I had under consideration. Through discussion with the inspector I fully understood when he told me that he could not make a recommendation due to his position. However, I did ask him if I should have any concerns from an inspection standpoint with any of the builders. The response was "I wish all builders were all like Luxuria" . To my question to get more info, I learned that Andrew understands what the inspectors want and always has the construction and compliance they are looking for.

So, I picked Andrew because of what I saw and learned throughout my selection process. The primary reason was that I wanted to be sure that the construction quality would stand the test of time, as well as some unique designs that he had baked into the homes I had seen. And now about 18 months later, I have yet to have my first nail pop.

Floor plan and exterior design: Andrew, his architect, and I worked efficiently to design the house. Andrew carefully listened to my functional requirements and made recommendations on the floor plan. We then worked collaboratively to refine the plan. Then we worked on the exterior. In preparation, I had traveled through the island taking pictures of other homes that have features that I liked, or didn't like. I shared those pics with my new team to make sure that we had some general ideas that would guide our exterior design. We played off each other on some ideas and created a unique look with what I consider substantial curb appeal, while still very functional.

Interior design: Andrew connected us with his kitchen and bath designer for cabinetry. Tim was amazing in terms of how we listened to our general desires and translated those into our ultimate designs. He also worked closely with Andrew to make sure we were all on the same page. Through the process we learned that Andrew's standard cabinetry was pretty high-end.

He had worked with a designer to pick for tile and flooring, but we were not fully satisfied that it was what we wanted. Ultimately, I called Andrew and asked him to take charge in all of those selections and just show us what he had in mind for our approval. Well, his selections were perfect to us in every way.

During construction, Andrew came up with a number of architectural ideas. He would share them on one of our walkthroughs and they would be in place on our next visit.

It all came together: Again, the bottom line is that we wouldn't change one aspect of our home is exactly what we needed and wanted. If I had to do it all over again, I would sign up with Andrew again. Through the process I learned that Andrew viewed my house as his client. At every turn he wanted to make sure that the right thing was being done for the house. That is his signature on his work of art. That is his advertising billboard. Building is his passion.

I am Thrilled with his Workmanship

I am a homeowner in Galloway who felt compelled to tell a brief story about my experience with Luxuria and more specifically, Andrew Klose. Although I have owned several homes, I had up to this point never built a custom home from scratch and needed some sound advice and someone I could trust. Friends and acquaintances in general told horror stories about builders to me on a daily basis. I would never have thought that my ally and advisor on all things would end up to be my builder, himself.

Andrew Klose took a personal interest in every aspect of the building of my home, which most builders would do, however, Andrew took a personal interest in me, which most builders would not do. Andrew understood my concerns, fears, and lack of knowledge in the building of my home and reassured me every step of the way . He explained thoroughly and consistently each step of the building process and never let me feel like I was wasting his time or made me feel silly for asking any question. Andrew and I were partners in the building process and as stressful as it was, he made it fun most of the time.

Andrew's attention to detail and relentless pursuit of the perfect home shows in his work. He has shown my home to prospective buyers on many occasions and one can see the pride he has as he walks through his handiwork. I am certain that there are better built homes somewhere in this country, but I have never been in one. I am thrilled with his workmanship and any guests I have had in my home are blown away.

I'm the type of person who likes change and although I cannot picture ever leaving my magnificent home there's only one person I would have build the next one; Andrew close. I am honored to have him build my home, but more honored to call him a friend.

He Made the Process a True Delight

My wife and I approached Andrew Klose and his team at Luxuria in 2011 when we decided to tear down and rebuild our shore house. We had a certain figure that we wanted to spend. After an unsuccessful search for an architect and builder, a friend mentioned he knew of a builder off the island.

We immediately contacted Andrew and an informal meeting followed shortly after, where he showed us a few projects he was currently working on. After discussing our ideas and our budget, Andrew informed us that he knew an architect that would fit our needs and budget.

After the first meeting, that was it! His houses were beautiful in every detail of the design including trim, paint, windows, finishes and more!

My wife and I set up a second meeting to discuss the contract and details of the project. Andrew was a true gentleman and said that she would hold our hands through the entire process.

During the rebuild, a few setbacks occurred that were out of Andrews control. However, to his credit, he and his team were there to oversee that the other contractors did their job. These delays did not deter Andrew; the house was built on time for us to enjoy the summer, which was very important.

During the construction Andrew would throw in extras, that he felt would improve the overall project. He even had to make changes that the architect did not foresee. However, the best part of the process was that he was always on site and never missed a single detail.

Andrew did not let any subcontractors off the hook either. If he saw something wrong, he immediately brought them back to fix it. His trim work is par none and he made the process of building a true delight.

Our new vacation home is fantastic and we absolutely love it. If anyone deserves accolades, it is Andrew Klose, the finest builder at the South Jersey Shore.

I would recommend Andrew and his team at Luxuria to any homeowners who want to build from the ground up, he is the person they need to meet!

The Choice Was Clear

My wife and I are looking for a builder to build our dream home. Being particular about what we wanted in a builder and in the final product, I knew it would be a difficult task. After meeting Andew Klose, including his own personal residence, the choice was clear. It was choosing Andew Klose and Luxuria.

Andrew's homes for us spoke for themselves. The detail, design, craftsmanship, and most of all the quality was just what we wanted. We knew of no other builder that would offer us what Andrew could. We truly believe he is in a class by himself. Additionally we got all of this at a very reasonable price point. Andrew also added a personal touch when it came to design ideas. He is truly an artist at what he does.

It is difficult to summarize all that I would like in a couple of paragraphs. Let me just conclude by saying our overall experience was wonderful and we would highly recommend him to others. Now that we have moved, he has continued to follow up with us to complete any punch list items. Andrew is not only our Builder, he has now become our friend.

You Have Exceeded Our Expectations

Victoria and I wanted to take a moment to tell you how completely satisfied we are with our new home. It's fantastic! As the saying goes, "the devil is in the details" and you have exceeded our expectation in quality, features, and the attention to detail you have delivered.

The finishes are excellent; the workmanship above-average and the house looks great. Not only are the interior finishes superior, but the outside of the house and the landscaping exceeded our expectations. We are so very happy to have had you as our builder. With all the horror stories that people hear about building a new home, we are glad none of them apply to Luxuria. The work was timely and you kept us informed of each step in the process alleviating some of the stress one would expect in such a major undertaking. Thank you once again for our beautiful home.

I Hope Your Kindness Comes Back To You Tenfold!

Being a homeowner for many years and enduring many construction projects, this is one of the very few times I had no aggravation. You are the most cooperative and problem-solving person I have ever dealt with. Your solutions and advice always resulting with the benefit going to the homeowner (using the AZAK for upstairs corners - I love it!). How rare!

I am happy I chose you to tear down and build new, not just renovate my porch and deck. Your crew was exceptional. They knew what they were doing really cleared and cleaned up every night. All I can say is thank you and I hope your kindness comes back to you tenfold!

We Couldn't Be Happier

I had the pleasure of accidentally needing Andrew approximately 6 years ago when I was showing a buyer a home he had just completed on Old New York Road in Galloway, NJ. My well educated and very particular buyer has been in the market for some time and had seen practically every new home in his price range in the area, not liking anything he saw. The minute we drove up and saw Andrews home he said "That's more like it." The house had instant street appeal and architecturally was superior to everything else we viewed. When my buyer stepped inside he was sold. He loved the Towering entry, tumbled marble chef kitchen and magnificent owner's Suite, just to name a few. He commented on the inviting open floor plan and overall a wonderful feeling about it the house was functional and made sense.

Many Builders construct a "big box" with a "cookie cutter" mentality in ugly developments. Andrew construction home that one is proud to own and call home. His passion for what he does is unsurpassed in the industry. Andrew was on the job daily with a hands-on approach to getting the job done right the first time. He is a true perfectionist who takes pride in what he does and is a real winner. His attention to detail and his artistic ability sets him apart from the competition. His exceptional craftsmanship is second to none.

After meeting Andrew I went home and was so excited I couldn't wait to tell my wife and describe the home to her. Given the fact my wife was never moving from the home she loved for 20-plus years, she was a very tough sale. When my wife stepped foot inside Andrew's home, I saw the look in her eye and I knew she was hooked. She was so excited and impressed by the home and asked how soon can we move. She couldn't wait to build and counted every day until moving day.

I had never experienced the new home construction process with a custom builder before and was clueless what to do next. Andrew's patience and wisdom guide us through the entire process from start to finish and was there holding our hands the whole way. We valued his expertise often saving us money on better priced alternatives.

Our home was completed to perfection ahead of schedule just before the holidays and was the best gift we could have ever imagined. Our friends and families were so impressed by our beautiful home it made us proud. Andrews homes sell themselves. I tell everyone it takes 15 minutes to sell a home and a Luxuria home is an easy sale.

Take a look at everything out there then look at luxuria. He builds a home that stands out in the crowd and a home one buys for a lifetime. Luxuria reminds me of the credit card commercial where they illustrate things in life which are "priceless." Life is hard enough. I need peace and sanity when I go home at the end of the day. My home has made me happy and fulfilled. The home is warm, inviting and functional. I see how this has changed my family's quality of life and I know I made the right decision by investing in my family's future. We couldn't be happier and highly recommend Luxuria.

Exquisite Taste

Michael and I want to thank you for our beautiful home. We know if another Builder had done this project it would not be as spectacular. The attention paid to detail and quality is evident in every aspect of our home. Your marvelous vision and exquisite taste helped us create this one-of-a-kind home and we are eternally grateful for your guidance.

We, as well as our family and friends, will enjoy this home for many years. Thank you again. It has been a pleasure to have worked with you and your fine craftsman and designers.

This House is an Aesthetic Winner

The house is fantastic. We receive compliment after compliment about the look and the style. I'd say our house has transformed the entire neighborhood.

The open floor plan and the level of detail you put into your homes is second to none. In my opinion, there is not a better builder around in terms of creativity. We've enjoyed the house these last couple of months and expect to have many more years of pleasure. I will keep you posted should we need you for any reason, but this house is an aesthetic winner.

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